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Solvents Australia Recycling recycling fluid chemicals
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Solvents Australia has been recycling products since 1988. After recycling many thousands of tonnes, the company has a solid reputation as a leader in the field. Back in 1988, recycling made good economic and environmental sense. Now it is becoming a necessity as the environment struggles to manage the pressures caused by human activity. The global warming that is now a reality is a reminder that we must use resources efficiently. Solvents Australia has made economic recycling possible through the development of its own technologies, integrated with proven technologies from overseas. The result is a facility that can handle a broad range of products including: Trichloroethylene Perchloroethylene Flexographic wash out solvents Fluorocarbon refrigerants including R22 and R134a Halons Contact us to enquire about your recycling needs. Product Stewardship Most products will sooner or later end up in the environment as some form of waste. The waste will have an impact on the environment that is unlikely to be beneficial. It makes sense to use solvent products as efficiently as possible, recycling them and disposing the waste in a manner that has minimal environmental impact. Through the programme, products such as trichloroethylene can be handled with minimal human exposure and environmental impact. Solvents Australia looks after solvent products through its product stewardship programme, with: On-site assistance in implementing product management procedures On-site sampling for analysis Used solvent collection Recycling Analysis by GC-MS to ensure conformance with specifications Environmentally responsible disposal of non-recyclable waste.
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