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Klenasol NPB
Klenasol NPB is an alternative solvent for use in surface cleaning and formulating. Klenasol NPB is a stabilised, n-propyl bromide (nPB) based solvent. It is a low boiling point solvent (70º C) and is particularly useful in surface cleaning because of its high solvency for oils, greases and fluxes and can be used in most vapour and ultrasonic degreasers. Klenasol NPB has no flash point and has physical characteristics and performance similar to Trichloroethylene and 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, so equipment changes and conversion costs can be kept to a minimum. Klenasol NPB can be used for both vapour degreasing and cold cleaning. As with the chlorinated products, Klenasol NPB can be processed by Solvents Australia, making its use more economical and lowering environmental impacts.
Physical Properties Comparison
Common Plastics Compatibility with Klenasol nPB
Common Elastomer Compatibility with Klenasol nPB
Klenasol nPB Trichlorethylene Boiling Point Deg C 68 87 Flash Point (ASTM D93) None None Kauri Butanol Number 129 129 Specific Gravity @ 25 Deg C 1.34 1.46 Evaporation Rate (n-butyl acetate = 1) 4.5 3.0 Vapour Pressure @ 20 Deg C kPa 14.6 8 Flammability Limits (vol %) 4.6 - 8.5 8.0 - 9.2 Viscosity @ 25Deg C (cp) 0.49 0.54 Flammable No No Dangerous Goods (ADG Code) No 6.1 Toxic
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