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Technical Data Sheet Klenasol 2001
KLENASOL 2001 With ever increasing desire for the availability of more environmentally acceptable products and safer alternatives for the workplace, Solvents Australia has developed the chemistry for less petroleum dependant and non chlorinated photopolymer wash out solvents. KLENASOL 2001 is a proven flexographic plate washout solvent designed to: Provide improved solvency Provide enhanced loading capacity Work at ambient temperatures Replace chlorinated solvents Minimise environmental impact Be suitable for most equipment Enable improved recovery KLENASOL 2001 has been designed with a view to enhancing recovery rates and maximising product utilisation. With a comparatively narrow boiling range, it readily facilitates restoration. KLENASOL 2001 provides high solvency power and loading capacity to make it more cost effective and to extend the time before replacement is required. KLENASOL 2001 is covered by Solvents Australia's life cycle management scheme. Our unique processing technology restores KLENASOL 2001 to the high purity and precise composition that makes it so effective as a wash for photo polymer plates. Customers have the comfort of knowing that all KLENASOL 2001 has been restored to strict analysis specifications by the manufacturer and that residues have been disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner or have in fact been used as a raw material for product development. Solvents Australia makes KLENASOL 2001 convenient to use, combining life cycle management with its prompt pickup and delivery service. KLENASOL 2001 is available in 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers as well as 200 litre drums and 20 litre pails.
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