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Solvents Australia has many years experience in purifying halocarbons, such as Halon 1301, Halon 1211 and FM-200, which are widely used as fire suppressants and extinguishants. These halocarbons are powerful ozone destroyers and powerful greenhouse gases and consequently, alternative non ODP and low GWP products such as 3M® Novec 1230 are increasingly gaining a position for fire suppressant use. Solvents Australia is a major distributor of 3M® Specialty Fluids and has an intricate knowledge of 3M's product range and can therefore provide the same purification service for Novec 1230. Our company possesses a range of equipment and analytical facilities to ensure the halocarbons and HFE's meet relevant international, defence and manufacturer's standards. To do this, we have ensured that our processes and materials handling operations are strictly controlled to meet all the regulatory standards by using a combination of an enhanced reflux process plus our own unique technologies. About Halons Halons are members of a special class of fluorocarbons that contain bromine in addition to fluorine. They are stored as compressed gases and have been commonly used as fire suppressants and in some cases as refrigerants in instances where very low temperatures are required. In many cases, it has been possible to replace halons with products such as FM-200 and Novec-1230 that cause less damage to the environment. However, the unique properties of Halons have made them difficult to replace, often in life-protection applications where their performance can be critical. To maintain the availability of halons for essential use applications, it is necessary to ensure that the world's existing stocks of halons are managed responsibly. This includes the reclaim of used halons to new standards to permit their further use. The Solvents Australia fluorocarbon reclaim facility is part of the halon management system.
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