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Solvents Australia has a broad range of experience in extracting valuable products from plant material. We use our own patented extraction technology. Our technology features low boiling point extraction media that enable us to work at much lower temperatures than traditional extraction processes, thus avoiding the product degradation that often happens when plant extracts are heated. As the process is totally sealed from the atmosphere, no components are lost and concerns regarding oxidation are greatly reduced. Our process is versatile and has even been used in industrial cleaning applications. Some of the oils and extracts we have prepared using our process are: Jojoba oil Echium seed oil White cypress oil Paprika oleoresin Sandalwood oleoresin We can provide extraction services on a routine basis and are able to conduct small scale trials on a contract basis. Solvents Australia does not extract and sell essential oils and extracts in its own right but is pleased to offer its customers a unique toll processing service. Oils and Extracts Jojoba Oil The oil from the jojoba plant, or Simmondsia chinensis, is technically a wax extracted from the beanlike seeds of the plant. It is commonly used in cosmetics, where its humectant properties are particularly valuable. The Solvents Australia process has been used commercially for the recovery of residual oil from cold pressed jojoba beans. However, as it is a "soft" extraction process, it can be utilised in maximising the proportion of high grade oil extracted from jojoba beans if used as the primary extraction process. Echium Seed Oil Oils from seeds of plants of the Echium species are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids essential for a healthy diet. Of particular interest is the unusually high concentration of stearidonic acid which can be most useful in dietary supplements and also has pharmaceutical uses in anti-wrinkle creams and lotions. The Solvents Australia process has been used in the extraction of oil from the seeds of Echium plantagineum, producing an extract of high purity with no degradation of the fatty acids. The process can be equally well applied to the extraction of seed oils where a high quality, high purity oil is required. White Cypress Oil Timber from the white cypress tree, Callitris glaucophylla, is valued for its durability and resistance to termite attack. The valued properties are largely due to the presence of an oil containing an assembly of compounds that the tree produces as part of its defence against predators. These oils can be extracted and used in applications such as surface treatments. In addition, extracted oils contain a relatively high proportion of the compound guaiol, a precursor to compounds of medicinal use. The Solvents Australia process readily extracts the valuable oils from milled heartwood of the white cypress. The process can be equally well applied to extracting valuable oils from other tree species such as "Budda", Eremophila mitchelii. Paprika Oleoresin The oleoresin from the paprika plant, a cultivar of Capsicum annum, is commonly used for its colour enhancing properties in cosmetics and food processing. The Solvents Australia process has been used experimentally for the extraction of the oleoresin and has been shown to produce a high grade extract. Sandalwood Oleoresin Oils from trees of the genus Santalum have been used traditionally for fragrances, incense making and sometimes for medicinal purposes. The highly prized oil of the Indian sandalwood, Santalum album, is becoming very expensive as the plant resource is progressively depleted. Other species, such as the Australian sandalwood, Santalum spicatum, are subject to management schemes and are harvested on a sustainable basis. The Solvents Australia process has been used for the commercial extraction of oleoresin from milled heartwood of Santalum spicatum. This oleoresin is well suited to use in incense making as it contains compounds that are not extracted by traditional hydrodistillation processes.
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